This for-charity zine will be a collection of the Forgers' adventures in alternate universes.Join the family travel through different lives, as designed by Anya's (and our contributors') imagination!



Interest CheckMay 04 - June 04
Contributor ApplicationsJune 10 - July 10
Contributor ResultsJuly 20
Creation PeriodJuly 30 - October 20
Pitches DueAugust 10
Check-In 1August 30
Check-In 2September 30
Final SubmissionsOctober 20
Pre-OrderDecember 01 - January 20
ProductionJanuary 21 - TBD

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Q: What is a zine?
A: A zine is an independently published "magazine" that is usually produced in small, limited batches.
Q: What is the theme of this zine?
A: We are doing a scrapbook zine that features AU content!
Q: Will this zine be physical or digital?
A: As we have received enough responses in our interest check, this zine will be both physical and digital!
Q: Is the zine SFW, NSFW, or both?
A: This zine will be strictly SFW.
Q: Is the zine for profit or for charity?
A: This zine will be for charity, and we will be announcing our charity at a later date.
Q: Are minors allowed to apply?
A: We will only be accepting applications from people who are 16 years or older.
Q: Will canon content be allowed?
A: No, we will only feature AUs in our zine!
Q: Will manga spoilers be allowed?
A: Yes, manga spoilers will be allowed.
Q: Will ships be allowed?
A: Only canon ships (Twilight/Loid x Yor) will be allowed. Only platonic ships will be allowed for children.
Q: How many contributors are you accepting?
A: We will be looking for a roughly 35 contributors during the application period, including 5 writers, 25 page artists, and 5 merch artists!
Q: Will you be having guests?
A: Yes, we will have a few guests, who will be announced on Twitter once they are confirmed!
Q: What are the zine dimensions?
A: This has not been determined yet. We will update this question once we have decided!
Q: Where will you be shipping from?
A: We will be shipping from Illinois, USA.
Q: Will you be running any Group Orders (GOs)?
A: We will not be running any official GOs. However if you are interested in putting together a GO during the pre-order period, please DM the zine account, Mod Lark, or Mod Grey!
Q: I have another question!
A: If you have any other questions, please direct them to our CuriousCat or Twitter DMs!